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About IDWF

Founded nearly 30 years ago, International Drinking Water Fountains (IDWF) believes that everyone has the right to enjoy clean,
safe and uncontaminated water. We provide businesses of all sizes, government offices and educational institutions across
North America with a wide array of indoor and outdoor drinking water fountainswater coolers (chillers), and water heaters.
Many of our units are available for purchase or rental at very competitive prices.

With our offices in Quebec and Ontario, IDWF offers timely, end-to-end services: diagnostics, installation, regular maintenance, service maintenance and repairs.

idwf advantages

Contrary to traditional suppliers on the market, IDWF offers many advantages that outpace the competition:

Quality: Our filtration system produces pure, high-quality water and eliminates dangerous pollutants, including lead, chlorine and bacteria. Inside our exclusive stainless-steel tanks, we guarantee the best and most refreshing drinking water with no aftertaste.

Protection: All of our refrigerated units can be installed with a filtration trio, including a softener filter, to prevent limestone buildup and increase the longevity of your equipment. Our equipment also ensures round-the-clock protection thanks to our sophisticated leak detectors.

Warranty: Take advantage of our unique 7-year warranty on all units that are equipped with cooling components. This warranty is conditional on the unit being regularly maintained by the IDWF’s team of technicians and that filters be changed at least once a year.

Service: IDWF services many metropolitan areas in North America, including the Greater Toronto Area. Our emergency services are available within 2 business days, from Monday to Friday, 52 weeks per year.

All of our installations and maintenance are protected with complete responsibility insurance protection. Thanks to our services, you can double the lifespan of your equipment!

Free diagnostics: To ensure clients get the very best drinking water solutions for their needs, IDWF offers a free, no obligation drinking water fountain diagnostic. This 23-point inspection is carried out on all your current units. Complete objective reports are provided so that you can determine their performance levels and which ones are impacting the quality of your drinking water.