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Drinking Water Fountain

Stop Drinking Water Containing Lead
And Other Contaminants

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Water is consider the source of life. International Drinking Water Fountains was launched with one mission in mind – to provide pure, great tasting water while minimizing our ecological footprint on this planet. It provides range of best drinking water fountain, water coolers and water heaters in Ontario.

Find Pure Drinking Water Fountain!

Some manufacturers boast about selling drinking water fountains that are lead-free. While it is true that their units are free of lead at the time of fabrication, but nothing prevents the lead particles coming off the plumbing systems. Especially when it comes to old buildings that are more than sixty years old. The pipes were soldered with lead and cast in the foundation that time. It is normal that over the years lead particles break off and end up in the drinking water. Only good filter scan remove those unwanted lead particles. IDWF equipment comes with such filters, so we guarantee to provide you pure drinking water.