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Drinking Water Fountain Repair Parts

Drinking Water Fountain Repair And Replacement Parts

IDWF (International Drinking Water Fountain) keeps in stock a complete range of drinking water fountain parts like repair & replacement parts for your refrigerated drinking fountain or water cooler, as well as for your under-the-sink chillers. Whether you would prefer originals or compatibles parts, we carry parts for all these brands : Haws, Halsey-Taylor, Sunroc, Oasis, Ebco, Elkay, Cordley, Temprite and Tomlinson.

If you are looking for a thermostat, an electric relay, a fan, a compressor, a tank, a condenser, a dryer, a bubbler, a faucet (bottle filler), a panel or a fountain or cooler top, we either have it or will simply order it.

Contact us and give us the brand and model of your unit, we will, if desired, send you a drawn layout of your unit. We can verify if your unit is still under warranty. If ever the manufacturer warranty is expired, we will offer you great prices on replacement parts, especially if you chose to get compatible parts. We also offer refrigeration services.

For more information, contact us at [email protected].

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Drinking Water Fountain Replacement Parts