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SOV-25 Water Leak Detector

At IDWF, protection against water damage is invaluable and we are proud to offer an excellent product;
the SOV-25:

  • Leak Controller TM automatically included with every unit;
  • Automatic valve closure when a water leak is detected;
  • 9V alkaline battery operated;
  • Automatic shut-off when low battery;
  • Easy installation with tool-less “Quick Connect” connection;
  • Protection for water filtration, ice machines, refrigerators with ice machine, water softeners and coffee machines.


  • Operating voltage : 9V DC;
  • Power supply : typical 1.0 mA, maximum 15.0 mA;
  • Cable length : 1.5M for solenoid valve cord;
  • “Quick Connect” connection 3/8 “or 1/4” OD (outside diameter);
  • Water leak detecting method : the rectangular unit with the two metal strips must be in contact with the ground;
  • Temperature : 5 ~ 80 °C;
  • Maximum pressure : 80 PSI.