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SO-1311 Standing water cooler

This water cooler will attract everyone’s attention, thanks to its unique look. It is ideal for filling bottles and glasses in order to drink fresh and tasty water throughout the day. The SO-1311 offers cold, hot and room temperature water. The temperature of the hot water is ideal for teas and other hot drinks.

Product specification

Technical Information

Tank capacity (Cold)2.2 liters
Cooling capacity (Cold)8 liters /hours
Temperature (Cold)4°C (39°F) to 10°C (50°F) - mechanically adjusted
Tank capacity (Hot)4 liters
Temperature (Hot)90°C (195°F) to 96°C (205°F) - mechanically adjusted
Power Consumption (Hot)750W
Compressor360 Btu/h / 250W / 1.8A
Refrigerant gasR134A
Dimensions (cm) Device36 (width) X 137 (height) X 43 (depth)
Dimensions (cm) Box47.5 (width) X 139 (height) X 38.5 (depth)
Weight (kg)39
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration)n/a


  • UV lamp
  • Reverse osmosis