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Drinking Water Fountains SO-6001

This device is ideal, among other things, for hospitals and schools. The SO-6001 has three stations to allow everyone to drink during breaks or dinner! It also includes three faucets to easily fill bottles and glasses to enjoy a good sip of water at all times.

Product Specifications

Technical information

Tank capacity20 liters
Cooling capacityn/a
Temperature5°C (41°F) to 8°C (46°F) - mechanically adjusted
Compressor1250 Btu/h / 1000W / 7.5A
Refrigerant gasR134A
Dimensions (cm) Device131 (width) X 135 (height) X 43 (depth)
Dimensions (cm) Boxn/a
Weight (kg)90
Weight (without refrigeration and filtration)n/a


  • UV lamp
  •  Reverse osmosis

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Drinking Water Fountains SO-6001