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About Us


Whoever and wherever you are, at IDWF we believe that every person has a right to clean,
safe and uncontaminated water. Become an IDWF customer and say goodbye to plastic bottles
and hello to the best tasting water, EVER.


IDWF is a privately-owned Canadian company with a client base of over 700, ranging from private homes to
large corporations. We offer our clients an extensive collection of water dispensers equipped with an efficient triple
filtration system. Behind our products lies a dynamic support team who is passionate about sustainable water and committed
to our clients who drink our water.

IDWF was launched by its founder, who can claim over a quarter century experience in the field of sales,
installation, repair and maintenance of water coolers, water fountains and filtration systems. An
environmentalist before his time, he has long realized we can drink pure, affordable water, with a positive
environmental impact.

All equipment sold or leased by IDWF comes with substantial benefits that distinguish the company from its competitors.